A series of extraordinary narratives

This novel series finds its home in the urban fantasy genre.


An unusual and adventurous journey through the world of fairy tales and legends of the German-speaking world awaits you.


Ancient and unknown beings meet here, not all of whom belong to the good guys, and mix with a modern storyline that harbours an unexpected ending to unfold further in further episodes.


Experience this interesting composition of today and ancestral superstitions.

!!! Part 2 !!!



Legendary - Trace Search



Book: 9783756230907


eBook: 9783756255214




Available everywhere from 16. Juli 2022!


- Attantion! Only available in German language! -

!!! Part 1 !!!



Legendary - Two Worlds



Book: 9783755776970


eBook: 9783755790280




Available everywhere from Februar 2022!


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