Writing brings me great joy



The first three parts are closely interwoven and yet completely their own

Two Worlds

A lonely country road in the middle of nowhere. Strange occurrences that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. After an accident, she wakes up in another world. There, everything is so familiar and so strange at the same time. She meets new friends and sinister, dark creatures that must be fought off. A great adventure must be passed in order to be able to return to her own world and a surprising resolution awaits at the end.

Trace Search






Losing friends is probably one of the worst things that can happen in life, but when they suddenly disappear without a trace, there is only one thing you can do - go in search of clues...


In this story, it is the best friends who unconditionally stand up for each other and embark on an incredible adventure to find their missing best friend.

Clans Cronyism


is so far only mentally present

Family is the one thing you can't choose in life. But what happens when these bonds change? When what you know does not correspond to the truth you were convinced of until now?


The change of all known realities and the intermingling with the unknown stranger, united in an incredible story full of wonder and danger.

The future stories will be self-contained parts that can be read independently of each other.


I am already excited to see what wonderful adventures will unfold :-)