Who is Ellie?

A little bit out of the sewing box

A friendly hello! 

I'm Ellie. A jolly winter child who first blinked in this world on Shrove Monday evening in February 1980. The average temperature in the country was 1.2 degrees.


On my varied journey through life, I have stopped at a few places to linger and enrich myself with experiences. 

The sweet side of life

In the wild east I met the love of my life. We got married in March and are overjoyed with each other.

From pen to author

Designing, painting, drawing... no matter what age - it has always been incredibly fun for me to put my wealth of ideas into practice.

What would a person be without their rough edges?

Ellie's good sides

Who likes to praise himself? However, one should know one's strengths:


+ I am almost always punctual, like the clock


+ so reliable that no complaints have ever been received 


Ellie´s bad sides

You never like to admit something like that. What I should still work on is:


 - A sweet tooth without end - until the bottom of the bag! Everything before that is pointless giving up :-D


but there really is something ...